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You can wipe a hobby horse with moist rag, if it gets dirty. Rain or riding by the water don’t effect on hobby horses appearance, though we can’t recommend swimming with hobby horse. Don’t leave hobby horse outside or to outbilding for a long time, because mice and birds like to take hobby horses fillings to their nests. Also moist and big differences in the temperature are bad for horses.


In general fabric colour paintings stays  very well, but during years they might fade especially if hobby horse is very often wiped, washed and combed. Don’t leave hobby horse in direct sunlight for a long time. It also eats the colours.


If hobby horse has woolyarn mane, it can be combed with light hand. If hobby horse has synthetic fibre hair yarn mane, don’t comb it at all. Just run it with fingers. It may tangle to comb. Don’t handle mane or ears roughly.


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